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TrueCar: the way it works

TrueCar is a great service for anybody who is looking to buy a car. They are a price comparison service, basically they will tell you what other people have paid for the car that you are interested in buying. Once you know this you will be in a much stronger negotiating position so you will almost certainly be able to get a better deal on a new car.

truecarThe way that TrueCar works is fairly simple to understand, all they do is collect data on the selling price for cars and then compile it in a report. The report will list the selling price for each make and model of car in each city in the country. This way you can find out how much the car that you are interested in has sold for in your local area. The data is constantly being updated so that you will have up to date prices, knowing what the car sold for six months ago is of limited value, TrueCar will tell you the selling prices over the last two weeks.

In addition to a list of selling prices for the car that you are interested in you will also be given a price that TrueCar considers to be fair for each car. This is useful when it comes time to negotiate a price because the actual selling prices will be pretty broad. Believe it or not there are lots of people who will pay full sticker price for a new car, others will of course bargain for every dollar. The fair price is based on the average selling price so that you can know what you should reasonably be paying for a car.

Once you know what you should be paying for your new car it is still going to be up to you to negotiate a price with the dealer. This will be much easier to do if you know how much the dealer is willing to sell for. In fact if you read the Reviews of TrueCar you will see testimonials from all kinds of people who were able to negotiate a much better deal than they expected based on the information that they have received in their report.

One thing to keep in mind about the numbers in your TrueCar report is that they cover all of the car dealers in your area. This means that if you can’t work out a deal with one salesman you can always go to another dealership. This is the real power of the report, since you know what the dealer is willing to sell for, if he won’t come down to that level you can just walk away. After all you already know that there is another dealer out there who will come down to that level, you just have to find him.

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