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Video: Range Rover turns 40 this June

Land Rover is gearing up for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover this coming June 17.

The first Range Rover was launched by Land Rover in 1970. The vehicle was upgraded in terms of bringing in new variants, new engines, or new transmissions but the design of the Range Rover basically remained the same for the past 26 years. To date, the company has built 317, 615 units of the Range Rover.

The second gen Range Rover, also known as the P38a was introduced in 1994. This somehow redefined the brand and gave way for the market to distinguish what a luxury SUV is like. After 7 years, the L322 or the current generation of Range Rover hit the market.

According to the Managing Director of Land Rover, Phil Popham, the line of Land Rover, has a unique history of innovating its products but credits the Range Rover for being the most significant vehicle of that they ever launched. It can be considered as among the most important piece of automobile in history.

Click on the video below so you will have an idea of how Range Rover looked through the decades.

YouTube Preview Image