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Infiniti considers market for front wheel drive vehicles

Infiniti is again considering production of an entry level car or a full range of models which will be based on front wheel drive system. The performance cars of the brand like the Infiniti M and Infiniti G will not be part of the plan and remain as rear wheel drive.

The core of the Infiniti brand is their performance cars. The carmaker has been offering FWD and rear wheel drive cars since 1991. The I35 was the last front wheel drive unit to roll out their factories in 1991 but this was discontinued in 2004. Back in the days, Infiniti decision makers only Infinitigave a go for RWD units believing it is the best way to compete with other luxury brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW.

At the recent 2010 Detroit Auto Show, a Nissan executive revealed that their studies show that car owners really do not care if they are driving an all wheel drive or a fwd vehicle. The company cited competitors like the TSX which is a FWD and the AWD or FWD TL from Acura.

At present, the production vehicles of Infiniti are all using their RWD platform. Moving forward, the carmaker wants to deliver on a different platform without compromising the riding experience of Infiniti buyers. Mercedes-Benz is doing well with the A and B Class units overseas while the Lexus is gearing up for the production version of their concept car LF-Ch so Infiniti will be fine launching products to compete with these.

The details of the plan were not disclosed but we will be keeping you posted.