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New Fleet of Alternative, Insect-Inspired Vehicles Launched by Geely in Beijing

Geely IGDo you have any idea what “eclosion” means? A lot of readers were probably rushing to consult a dictionary when Geely published its press release about the company’s new line of alternative, bug-like vehicles. According to the dictionary, eclosion is the emergence of an insect to its more graceful and efficient adult form from pupal-hood, larvae-hood or egg-hood. With such lovely imagery, consumers are bound to expect a lot from this line.

The Geely IG started out as a concept car in 2009, gracing the Shanghai Auto Show. It fetched positive feedback from reviewers at that time who were fully convinced that the IG would make a great electric car. At the recent Beijing Auto Show, Geely released a semi-electric version. While it’s less spectacular than the fully electric model everyone was anticipating, Geely did add seagull wing-doors to the package.

The seagull wing-doors transformed the 3+1 seating arrangement to a 2+2. The design alteration also provided more space for a hybrid power train. During the Auto Show, Geely also introduced two electronic models named EK-1 and EK-2. The EK-1 model runs on acid batteries to generate enough power for an 80 km drive per hour.

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