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A Tale of Two Audi R8: Spyder and e-Tron wows Frankfurt motor show

The recent auto show in Frankfurt was graced by two Audi R8 facing two different directions. On one platform is the R8 Spyder and the other is the e-Tron Concept. The Audi 2011 Spyder zooms on a V10 with a Lamborghini DNA while the 2009 concept car e-Tron is undeniably all-electric green.

The Audi R8 Spyder sports a V-10 5.2L power plant in its engine bay that is capable of giving out 525 horsepower with a torque of 391 pound-feet. The R8 Spyder speeds up from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. Top speed is pegged at 195 mph despite an additional 200 pounds compared to the coupe with a hard top.

It comes with a soft top as originally preferred by the engineers in Germany. Other sleek features are seat capable of bouncing off heat and seatbelts with built in microphones to make hands free mobile phone calls easier to handle.

Audi R8 e-Tron Audi R8 Spyder Photo

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