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Mazda unveils modified cars in SEMA

Mazda recently took the spotlight as they went zoom at the SEMA introducing their line of modified vehicles. The Japanese carmaker displayed the dept and coverage of their brand as they display the aftermarket capabilities and potentials of their cars infusing a sporty soul into each ride. Minor modifications were made to the stock vehicles of Mazda to make them ready for the track or to showcase them as street cars.

Mazda Evil Track

The Evil Track Mazda 2 is designed to meet the requirements of NASA and SCCA regulations as a vehicle fit for series racing. The looks of the car was given some spunk through race graphics and body works. This ride is inspired by the Mazda2 Evil presented as a concept car during the 2009 motor show in Los Angeles.

Mazda2 Street

This car is the street version of the Mazda2 rolling on sporty 15×9 light wheels hugged by R compound tyres from Toyo. The paint job involves light gray metallic color accented by matte graphics.

MX 5 Super 20

The 20 stands for the 20 years of successful existence o f the MX-5. This version is given a tougher look and more aggressive attitude through a supercharged engine from Cosworth, smaller wheels, and wider fenders.

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New McLaren Showroom at One Hyde Park

It’s official, One Hyde Park is now the official location of McLaren Automotive and Jardine Motors Group’s new showroom in London.  The car company confirmed that they will officially move to the new London location in 2011 just in time for the MP4-12C’s launch.

Christian Marti, McLaren’s European Regional Director, said that One Hyde Park showroom will evolve to represent everything they strive for.  He added that the new showroom will give everyone the big picture of what these two companies plan to accomplish in the future with the launch of the McLaren MP4-12C and their future line of sports cars.

When McLauren Automotive was launched earlier this year, the company’s pioneer sports car had attracted over 2700 future customers.  McLaren’s first sports car is believed to range more than £125,000.  While two more McLaren outlets will open in Birmingham and Manchester, the car company is expecting that McLaren London will be their leading retailer in Europe and perhaps the most productive in its global network.

One Hyde Park is marketed as the official “most luxurious address in London.” It strives to be the best in architectural icon in London.  It boasts of 86 apartments and three high-profile commercial spaces.  The McLaren London showroom will make its home on the Pavilion B’s ground floor which is the biggest of the three commercial units.  The area looks out to Knightsbridge and also has Harrods and Harvey Nichols as neighbors.  So far, McLaren is the only automobile brand at One Hyde Park and in order to attract more customers, the car company is planning to showcase one of their F1 racing cars.

Video: Range Rover turns 40 this June

Land Rover is gearing up for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover this coming June 17.

The first Range Rover was launched by Land Rover in 1970. The vehicle was upgraded in terms of bringing in new variants, new engines, or new transmissions but the design of the Range Rover basically remained the same for the past 26 years. To date, the company has built 317, 615 units of the Range Rover.

The second gen Range Rover, also known as the P38a was introduced in 1994. This somehow redefined the brand and gave way for the market to distinguish what a luxury SUV is like. After 7 years, the L322 or the current generation of Range Rover hit the market.

According to the Managing Director of Land Rover, Phil Popham, the line of Land Rover, has a unique history of innovating its products but credits the Range Rover for being the most significant vehicle of that they ever launched. It can be considered as among the most important piece of automobile in history.

Click on the video below so you will have an idea of how Range Rover looked through the decades.

YouTube Preview Image

New Fleet of Alternative, Insect-Inspired Vehicles Launched by Geely in Beijing

Geely IGDo you have any idea what “eclosion” means? A lot of readers were probably rushing to consult a dictionary when Geely published its press release about the company’s new line of alternative, bug-like vehicles. According to the dictionary, eclosion is the emergence of an insect to its more graceful and efficient adult form from pupal-hood, larvae-hood or egg-hood. With such lovely imagery, consumers are bound to expect a lot from this line.

The Geely IG started out as a concept car in 2009, gracing the Shanghai Auto Show. It fetched positive feedback from reviewers at that time who were fully convinced that the IG would make a great electric car. At the recent Beijing Auto Show, Geely released a semi-electric version. While it’s less spectacular than the fully electric model everyone was anticipating, Geely did add seagull wing-doors to the package.

The seagull wing-doors transformed the 3+1 seating arrangement to a 2+2. The design alteration also provided more space for a hybrid power train. During the Auto Show, Geely also introduced two electronic models named EK-1 and EK-2. The EK-1 model runs on acid batteries to generate enough power for an 80 km drive per hour.

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Lexus to release Special Edition of 2010 IS350C F-Sport

Lexus IS C - F-SportThe IS350C F-Sport was unveiled by Japanese carmaker Lexus last February giving the convertible some sporty attitude. Recently, Lexus announced that they will be releasing a Special Edition which packs more style and performance.

The IS350C F-Sport Limited Edition will have a very limited run producing only 100 units. The sticker price will start at $58,375 or about $13,000 top up from the standard 2010 Lexus IS350C F-Sport.

The special edition car will get the usual F-Sport treatment and bumps it up with enhanced brake system to give the driver a firmer feel of the brake pedal, lower springs, Bilstein shocks, stiffer set of anti-roll bars, and 19 inch alloy rims. The car will also feature a new grille, especially designed floor mats, leather finish of the shift knob, and unique badge for the exterior.

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2010 G37 Convertible from Infiniti tagged at $44,350

2009 Infiniti G37 ConvertibleAfter its debut last year, the 2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible has been under the spotlight. Even with a slight jump in price, the car still has a very competitive tag price of $44,350 side by side its German rivals.

Let’s see how the Infiniti G37 compares to the other cars in its segment.

The A5 Cabriolet from Audi has a slightly lower price of $42,000 but comes with 211 horsepower 2.0L 4 cylinder engine. The S5 Cabrio comes close to a match with the G37 in terms of specs with V6 that outputs 333 horsepower but the tag is a hefty $58,000. The G37 boasts of a V6 3.7L engine that roars at 325 horsepower.

The Lexus IS C kicks off in the market at $39,440 for the 2.5L variant that rolls at 240 horsepower. The IS350C comes closer at $44,890 but its output falls short at 306hp.

The 3-Series of the BMW offers 335i and the BMW 335is which gives you 300 and 335hp, respectively, but if you will get a convertible the 335i will cost you $6,000 more and the 335is convertible a whopping $15,000 at $59,075. The BMW 328i seems to match the price at $45,000 but the 230 horsepower will be a weakling compared to the G37 engine.

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Infiniti considers market for front wheel drive vehicles

Infiniti is again considering production of an entry level car or a full range of models which will be based on front wheel drive system. The performance cars of the brand like the Infiniti M and Infiniti G will not be part of the plan and remain as rear wheel drive.

The core of the Infiniti brand is their performance cars. The carmaker has been offering FWD and rear wheel drive cars since 1991. The I35 was the last front wheel drive unit to roll out their factories in 1991 but this was discontinued in 2004. Back in the days, Infiniti decision makers only Infinitigave a go for RWD units believing it is the best way to compete with other luxury brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW.

At the recent 2010 Detroit Auto Show, a Nissan executive revealed that their studies show that car owners really do not care if they are driving an all wheel drive or a fwd vehicle. The company cited competitors like the TSX which is a FWD and the AWD or FWD TL from Acura.

At present, the production vehicles of Infiniti are all using their RWD platform. Moving forward, the carmaker wants to deliver on a different platform without compromising the riding experience of Infiniti buyers. Mercedes-Benz is doing well with the A and B Class units overseas while the Lexus is gearing up for the production version of their concept car LF-Ch so Infiniti will be fine launching products to compete with these.

The details of the plan were not disclosed but we will be keeping you posted.

2011 Shelby GT350 unveiled during the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in Arizona

The gala opening night of the Barrett-Jackson Collector auction in Arizona served as the stage for the unveiling of the 2011 Shelby GT350 derived from the 2011 Ford Mustang GT.

The 2011 Shelby was specifically designed in commemoration of the 1965 Shelby GT350 and the Shelby Cobra. The 2011 GT350 comes roaring with a supercharged V-8 5.0L engine derived from the stable of Mustang.

The 2011 Shelby GT350 is a product of collaboration of the Shelby American team with experts from Goodyear, Borla, Ford Racing, Cragar, and Baer. Everything revolves around the idea of making a car that is very fast but has very good handling. The idea came into life with the design of the small but powerful engine derived from the Mustang.

The Shelby GT350 will be rolling out in the traditional white donning the Guardsman blue stripes as it was known in Le Mans. The V-8 power plant is coupled with a six speed transmission on manual control. The supercharged engine has a Blue Shelby valve covers. Baer brakes are set up as 6 piston kit for the front and 14-inch rotors for the back, and matched with cooling ducts for all the corners.

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GReddy Performance Parts preps up Hyundai Genesis for SEMA

Hyundai went out to impress everyone at the SEMA motor show last year by unveiling seven versions of their Genesis Sedan and Coupe. The Korean car maker Hyundai has cut their cost a bit and will only show one version of their Genesis Coupe at this years auto show.

Hyundai GReddy Genesis CoupeHyundai is collaborating with GReddy Performance Parts to produce components for the Genesis Coupe going on exhibition. The high-performance car parts will be showcased during the SEMA as the X-Gen Street Genesis Coupe. The parts will go on sale right after the SEMA.

The GReddy vehicle will be a tuned 2.0L turbocharged Hyundai Genesis Coupe that will have modifications fit for everyday driving or something that can be driven during the weekend to zoom on the racing track.

The car will be pimped out with some turbo upgrade, cat-back exhaust configuration, coil over suspension, large intercooler, racing downpipe, and GReddy brake calipers.

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Mazda needs $1 Billion funding for production of hybrid vehicles

Mazda plans to raise about $1 Billion to help push for the development of their new hybrid vehicles and future technologies. The Japanese car manufacturer hopes to beef up their funds by selling treasury stocks and new shares.

A reliable source from Mazda was quoted in some reports that it will issue around 363 million shares of the company. This figure translates to about 25% of the existing stock of the carmaker. There are also some information that it will be selling 96.8 million shares it acquired from majority stakeholder Ford.

Mazda did not show early interest on developing hybrid or electric vehicles like the other Japanese car manufacturers. The North American division of the company categorically declared that they will not go into production of such vehicles if they are not sure if it will click with the market. As the demand for greener vehicles becomes the trend, Mazda changed its view and is hoping to produce hybrid units soon.

Mazda Hydrogen Hybrid

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