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New Fleet of Alternative, Insect-Inspired Vehicles Launched by Geely in Beijing

Geely IGDo you have any idea what “eclosion” means? A lot of readers were probably rushing to consult a dictionary when Geely published its press release about the company’s new line of alternative, bug-like vehicles. According to the dictionary, eclosion is the emergence of an insect to its more graceful and efficient adult form from pupal-hood, larvae-hood or egg-hood. With such lovely imagery, consumers are bound to expect a lot from this line.

The Geely IG started out as a concept car in 2009, gracing the Shanghai Auto Show. It fetched positive feedback from reviewers at that time who were fully convinced that the IG would make a great electric car. At the recent Beijing Auto Show, Geely released a semi-electric version. While it’s less spectacular than the fully electric model everyone was anticipating, Geely did add seagull wing-doors to the package.

The seagull wing-doors transformed the 3+1 seating arrangement to a 2+2. The design alteration also provided more space for a hybrid power train. During the Auto Show, Geely also introduced two electronic models named EK-1 and EK-2. The EK-1 model runs on acid batteries to generate enough power for an 80 km drive per hour.

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Welcome to NY: The Road Rage Capital of the U.S.

NYC TrafficThe noteworthy rudeness of the French has become a popular joke of the late. Today, however, a survey revealed that New York City is the center of all road rage in the entire United States. Perhaps the driver’s rowdiness on the road compliments the on-foot civilians as well. Read: The New York Attitude.

While some places in the U.S. are still bad for hot-headed drivers, a study made by Autovantage revealed that New York City is probably the worst place for such drivers. Miami used to hold the title for having the most number of angriest drivers in the entire nation.

Autovantage surveyed the 25 largest cities in the U.S. and they presumed that the heavier the recurrent traffic becomes, the level of road rage increases dramatically. The study surveyed a total of 2,518 people.

According to the survey, the biggest source of road rage is the use of mobile phones. Obviously, even if you’re sending a text message or talking to someone despite a hands-free feature, you are still distracted and causing disturbance among your fellow drivers and commuters.

New Yorkers are the #1 offenders of mobile phone use and they are also the people most likely to give hand gestures and release expletives. After all, it’s a normal day in the Big Apple.

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