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MINI rolls out new electric vehicle at 2012 London Olympics

BMW, the parent company of MINI, is putting its greenest foot forward as it supports the on going London Olympics and Paralympics. Aside from providing low-emission cars for the event, BMW also supplied 160 units of their 1-Series ActiveE vehicles that serve athletes and broadcasters to and from the Olympics events.

MINI released 40 units of their MINI E electric vehicle used during the Torch Relay and for operational support. MINI thought that the Olympics is a great venue to put spotlight on their latest eco-friendly vehicle, the Mini MINI.

Three units of the Mini were are being used at the games. The vehicle is powered by an electric motor that gives out 10 horsepower and uses a battery pack for 35 minutes. The electric car features vented disc brakes, heavy duty shocks, and grass tires so it can practically handle any chore given to it.

The Mini MINI was tasked to shuttle loads like hammers, javelins, discuses, and shots used by the athletes during their events. The Mini can carry about 17.6 pounds.

The Mini sports a True Blue body finish, white roof, and features the logo of the 2012 London Olympics. It is about 25% the size of the hatchback MINI Cooper. The storage area can be accessed using a removable sunroof. Each of the Mini vehicles might cover around 3.7 miles on a four-hour shift rotation or about 33.3 miles throughout the duration of the games.

The Mini MINI will not hit the production lines but we are pretty sure that fans of the brand are more than willing to buy the Minis used during the Olympic Games.