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Archive for August 18th, 2011

Honda CRV SUV Concept Car will debut at the Orange County International Auto Show

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. has recently released the official first batch of photos of the CR-V SUV concept car. The new model is set to roll out into showrooms in United Kingdom sometime in the autumn of 2012.

The Honda CR-V SUV concept car will not be unveiled this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. According to official reports, the concept car will make its first grand debut in California, USA during the Orange County International Auto Show in September. But Honda fans, do not fret because the Japanese brand will still be revealing its all-new Civic model at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The automaker has done a series of changes on its current CR-V model which paves the way for the SUV to have a more aggressive look. The concept car’s lower front bumper is one of the most prominent changes that can be easily spotted along with the new grilled design and the slimmer headlights. According to Honda, these changes will improve the model’s aerodynamics. The side sills are more aggressive in the concept car that compliments its new alloy wheels.

While the official photos do not show its rear, it is assumed that the vertical light design on the model’s rear will be retained. Reports say that the CR-V SUV concept car’s interior will be more spacious along with improved load capacity.
Since the carmaker did not say anything about engine specifications, it is also assumed that the CR-V SUV concept car will get the current CR-V 2.0-liter petrol engine or the 2.2-liter diesel variant that both carry 148 bhp.